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Decide for Yourself, Is Kony 2012 real or Fake?

 I am in no way trying to insinuate that the Story behind Kony is fake nor am i trying to state that the Kony 2012 Project is bad, What i want all people from all sides to see is that in order for us to make a good decision about something, we need to know all the facts. WE ALL HAVE A VOICE AND A CHOICE!!!

Decide for yourself…What should i support? who should i believe? Don’t just follow the crowd. You have a twitter, you have a Facebook or a blog, then use it, not to influence but to inform.

Do you remember Vietnam between 1961 — 1962? It started with a bunch of Advisors going to Vietnam, and we know what history taught us later. KONY 2012 have already made plans to send Advisors into the Country. Have they told you that Advisors are already in that Country? No! Obama has admitted to have said that there are Advisors in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. When you look at that area in Central Africa, you can see that the area they are going into has a vast amount of natural oil and mineral riches. Now tell me, How on Earth did Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize!


Joseph Kony, watch this video and spread it…

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