Kardashian Empire Built on Sweatshop Labors (no joke, read this)

DECEMBER 21, 2011 @ 11:03 AM

Could it be that the recently revealed to be $65 million dollar annual haul by the Kardashian mafia is in part built on the backs of underaged laborers in prison-like factories in China?

According to our friends at RadarOnline, America’s first family of reality craptastic and foragers of all things greenback related, are employing more than dubious forms of labor to manufacture the shoddy merch they peddle to millions of the female gender who believe that IQ is a name of a new mall store they just have to check out.

“If you get permission to use the toilet, you get four minutes. If you’re not highly specialized, you cannot even go to bathroom.

“Security guards watch over the workers and they are stripped searched every time they leave the factory, while cameras watch over the workers every move.



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