All Humans are Mentally Sick with the Same Sickness! read this

“All Humans are Mentally Sick with the Same Sickness”

We (all humans) hide behind a mask of self-image and always seek to be accepted with in our peers and the society we choose to live in. Being mentally sick refers to us not being able to be our self’s and always trying to satisfy everyone else.

If we hide our fears, emotions, love, happiness etc…we always continue to be sick and therefore never be truly happy, then as parents we will then pass it on to our children and they to their children never being able to break the cycle of low self-esteem and self worth. The only mental hospital we have is who we choose to co exist with. We Can choose to release the anger, tension, fear amongst them or we can express our love, care, devotion we have with that person.

I can read every news article about a hate crime where many were hurt or killed because of how unhappy they are or how some one else hurt them they couldn’t deal with it or read every tweet from another tweeter or fellow facebook friend complaining about how they had a bad day…it all comes with in every single person to make out what you want. since we learn about social society at around 5 or 6 yrs old we start to wear a mask, this mask hides the real you and creates a fake you, a fake you that you think you need to be to be accepted with in your peers.

The Point is: Always be who you want to be and not what other people like you to be, your true friends and family will accept you as you are. If you are true to yourself then the people around you can be themselves and thats how chain reaction (for the good) can start. 

    • Carina
    • September 26th, 2011

    Loves. 🙂

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