Sept 1st HTC Rumored to release a New Windows 7 phone, read the article

Mobile manfacturer HTC will report ed ly launch two new Win dows Phone devices equipped with Mango, the first huge update to Win dows Phone 7, at an event Sept 1.

HTC declined to com ment for this story, say ing it does “not speak to rumors or spec u la tion about unan nounced products.”

The mas sive Mango update was already rumored for Sept. 1, so the event date makes sense. Mango will offer more than 500 new fea tures, includ ing direct social net work ing inte gra tion, con tact groups, live tile noti fi ca tions, Xbox Live improve ments, Bing indoor maps, and Inter net Explor er 9 that’s the same as the desk top ver sion rather than a mobile ver sion.

The report from BGR says HTC will show off the HTC Eter ni ty, a Win dows Phone fea tur ing a 3.7-inch dis play bound for AT&T, and the HTC Omega, a Mango device with a whop ping 4.5-inch screen that will be released on T-Mobile.

The Mango push will help catch the Win dows Phone plat form up to iOS and Android and hope ful ly attract more con sumers. The cur rent crop of Win dows Phone devices have not done a good job of help ing the OS cap ture mar ket share, with just 1.7 mil lion devices sold world wide.

Along side Mango, the Win dows Phone ecosys tem could see a new surge of sup port this fall because of two recent major events. First, the Google-Motorola deal could attract more Android man u fac tur ers to build Win dows Phone devices because they see Motoro la as hav ing pri or i ty. Sec ond, HP’s deci sion last week to stop build ing hard ware for webOS has caused near ly 1,000 webOS devel op ers to look into Win dows Phone devel op ment.

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