You Need to See This ASAP!!! Its Finally Here and Better Than Before

To all my viewers, I Promised you a new look and some improvements on my website…NOW its finally here.

Besides the obvious of an awesome Facelift

You can now:

Search a specific keyword on the Top Right Hand Corner of the Home Page

View My Website in App form on you Ipad, Iphone, Ipod (4th Generation) Blackberry and Android

Like ANY post directly from the main home page or you can click on the Heading of the post and then click on the Like Button

Click on the Facebook Button to post your favorite Post and share it with all your friends on YOUR Facebook page (awesome)

You can also click on the Twitter button of any post and Tweet Your thoughts about that specific Post to your Timeline

I have added the Google+ Button for all you up and coming Google+ users (next big thing)

Click on any post and if its a Picture, Quote, Thought, or Paragraph, you can Print it out for your Liking πŸ˜€

If you want to share any of the post with only 1 person or a small group of friends without sharing it on a social network, well now you can email it to them

I have also added more Posts to my Home Page for a longer lasting viewing

Click on a specific page and jump directly to that corresponding page number at the bottom of the Home Page

For all the new visitors, you can still click on any Icon on the side and it will take you directly to my social websites and keep you connected with Me!!!

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