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Why has our society become so lazy to have to abbreviate everything we tweet, text, email etc.. Why can’t we just express the word Laughing out loud” or I love you instead of “I ❤ u” Are we trying to save time…no I don’t think that’s it because if that was the case then we wouldn’t be tweeting or texting anyways since we are too busy. I notice that now a days we abbreviate everything including our lives. Were always rushing from one place to another or fast forwarding to the best part of the movie or speeding down the street and for what? The result will still be the same. I admit I am guilty of this but I still feel like we need to realize it. Always live your life to the fullest and don’t waste a breath, by abbreviating your life you are losing out on the precious things this world has to offer. Appreciate things while you have it instead of regretting it when you lose it.

– Jorge Aviles

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