Fuck, Read this ASAP… This is why he’s the Best

I Need a Doctor (Dr. Dre Lyrics)


It literally feels like a lifetime ago
but I still remember the shit like it was just yesterday though
you walked in, yellow jump suit
whole room, cracked jokes
once you got inside the booth, told you, like smoke
went through friends, some of them I put on
but they just left, they said they was riding to the death
but where the f-ck are they now
now that I need them, I dont see none of them
all I see is Slim
f-ck all you fair-weather friends
all I need is him
f-cking backstabbers
when the chips were down you just laughed at us
now you bout to feel the f-cking wrath of aftermath, faggots
you gon see us in our lab jackets and ask us where the f-ck we been?
you can kiss my indecisive ass crack maggots and the crackers ass
little crack a jack beat making wack math,
backwards producers, Im back bastards
one more CD and then I’m packing up my bags and as I’m leaving
I’ll guarantee they scream Dre don’t leave us like that man cause

    • Carina
    • February 14th, 2011


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